In regard to WordPress post paged, I would use /player-12345 or other structure as url specific page rather than /player/12345. How to create new url structure for page Creating additional url structure, you need WP_Rewrite, there are a couple of filters that you can fire with your function. For Page, you can filter page_rewrite_rules. See example code on ...


Try the Jetpack Comments system, included in the Jetpack plugin. http://jetpack.me/support/comments/


I'd recommend Auth0 plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/auth0/ oAuth plugins should auto populate the data that your API call allows. And your users should be able to edit their profiles also. LinkedIn also has an AutoFill function here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/linkedin/consumer/integrations/self-serve/plugins/autofill-plugin

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