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How many post WordPress can handle?

There isn't a hard upper limit of how many posts WordPress can handle. The practical limit for your site depends on these things in this order: The queries your codebase runs Server power Disk space ...
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How to increase media image scale limit?

Found the solution: It can be turned off: add_filter( 'big_image_size_threshold', '__return_false' ); More: here
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What are the best practices for using a caching plugin on a shared host?

Do not use W3 Total Cache, it will slow down and break your pages. I suggest better using Super Cache and Page Speed Ninja. Or LiteSpeed Cache for object caching and css and js optimization, Cache ...
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Amazon EC2 and static page Caching (Multisite): How to enable Caching with multiple instances?

There are two alternatives store the caching on an NFS "drive" put a caching proxy before your instances and forget about stupid caching plugins. Variation on 2 is to use a CDN like cloudflair to do ...
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Randomise upload filenames (or another solution to hide the original image URL from theft?)

Where am I going wrong? Actually, your code is just fine. Except that I would simply use wp_generate_password() to generate the random string. :) WordPress will still think that the scaled version ...
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Amazon EC2 and static page Caching (Multisite): How to enable Caching with multiple instances?

I have noticed that on WP Super Cache, with Redis Object Cache enabled, the experimental feature "Object Cache" (instead of file caching) is available. I tested it but the timestamp checks failed, ...
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