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I had the a similar problem. The issue for me was that I was serving WordPress from a directory that did not contain a wp-config-sample.php file but the parent directory did (I have no idea why the person before me set it up this way). If I moved this directory to a different parent and served it from there then I would get a sensible error message saying ...


search is a reserved term, and should not be used as a query variable. The presence of any reserved query variable tells WordPress that the current query must be for something other than the front page, so it interprets it as an an archive query of some sort. The reason you get redirected to the canonical URL on other pages is because being on another page ...


I'm not entirely clear on what you're looking for exactly. But in my estimation, maybe this will help you move in the right direction. I think what you want is a URL rewrite so you can have a URL endpoint that results in your data being displayed. If you work in the right conditional logic, you can avoid a 404 and display an error message instead. First, ...


If this is a multisite, you will need to also check database tables wp_site wp_blogs and make sure the domain is also updated there. DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE in wp-config.php should also point to the correct domain.


Please Use Redirections Plugin Under Add new redirection, put the following: Source URL: /(.*).aspx Regular expression: checked ☑ OR Select "REGEX" after Source URL Target URL: /$1/


Use this logout link <li class="signOut"><a href="<?php echo wp_logout_url(); ?>" title="Logout">Logout</a></li> And add below code in your functions.php file to redirect the user to the page you want: add_action( 'wp_logout', 'auto_redirect_user_after_logout'); function ...

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