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Show 404 when someone visits a non-existant Multisite site

The option is in Network Admin, Settings, Network Settings, Allow new registrations (screenshot from WordPress's Managing a Multisite Network video) You want either "Registration is disabled&...
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how to redirect page after delete post inside a post page?

Another way to handle ajax requests to delete a post is to use jquery and the built-in ajax functions provided by WP. Html <a class="delete-post" data-postid="<?php echo ...
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Old blog/ and blog/feed/ URLs not working after moving blog to top-level via .htaccess

Set up .htaccess correctly, it's all about it. We had such a task on the site
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Permalink issue with new blog posts > getting 301 redirect

Your WordPress site is set up to include the date in the permalink structure for blog posts. To avoid the 301 redirects and have your desired permalink structure In ...
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Top-level staging-site URL redirects to a different site

Well, like many things it was just a matter of playing the waiting game. The main URL now works fine. Just needed to wait a few days, I guess!
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