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Wp Super Cache stops the update of a Post Meta

When using WP Super Cache, the plugin generates static HTML files for your templates, which means that any PHP code you're running will only ever run when the cached page is generated or regenerated. ...
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3 votes

Wp Super Cache - Function to reset cache of a specific page

The function you're looking for is wpsc_delete_post_cache() $post_id = 123; wpsc_delete_post_cache($post_id);
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2 votes

Cron and WP Super Cache in Preload Mode

Will they wait until the next hit to wp-cron.php (+8 hours)? Yes. That's why it's important to keep this duration shorter. I usually keep it to every 5 minutes. PS: I know it's an old question. But,...
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2 votes

What is difference between 'Page Cache' and 'Object Cache' in WordPress?

Page cache is the entire rendered html output for a page. It's useful for serving static content like a WordPress post. Object cache is often the resource-heavy pieces that make up a page. For ...
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How to get Caching Plug-ins to work on localhost with HTTPS?

Follow on to comment is too long so done as answer: As I understand it your test site works as HTTPS unless WPSC is activated? Another (quick to test) hunch: Under WPSC "Advanced" settings: check ...
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1 vote

Changes not visible when not logged in

Try to remove all the revisions from the edited page in admin panel. You can find the revisions in right sidebar. And you can disable the revisions by using config.php by putting this define('...
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1 vote

How to add support for caching plugins for my own plugin?

Is there a generic way to support caching plugins? For example to set a flag after you update an option that caching plugins watch? No, there isn't. On top of that, caching may not even occur in ...
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1 vote

How can I render shortcode so that its not cached by Caching plugins?

I don’t think that there is a way to do this. All that shortcode does is generating some HTML code and putting it as content. But... there is a workaround you can use. Your shortcode can generate ...
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1 vote

Will setcookie work if there is a cache plugin installed?

It will most likely depend on the plugin, but you should also remember that your content might be cached also in caching proxies as well.
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1 vote

WP REST API and Access-Control-Allow-Origin

I found a .htaccess solution, but I will be happy if anyone know a working PHP solution. It's my .htaccess with multiple domain access support and access for only GET request: # CORS Headers <...
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1 vote

Is this Solution for Caches vs Cookies Going to Get Me in Trouble?

Your solution with comment_author_proxyhash cookie will of course technically work - all caching plugins I know doesn't analyze hash value and will just stop delivery of cached content based on ...'s user avatar

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