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How to add Pagination to foreach loop to page

you can used the paginate_links() function along with the paged parameter in your query. <?php $categories=get_categories( array( 'parent' => $cat->cat_ID) ); $paged = (...
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Custom post type pagination not working in index.php file

You registered your post type correctly, the problem is a common pitfall many new WordPress developers fall into, you created a second new query to change the posts WP displays, rather than modifying ...
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Always show Next and Previous button in wp_link_pages ?

write a custom function that generates the pagination links with both Next and Previous buttons. function custom_wp_link_pages() { global $page, $numpages, $multipage; if ( $multipage ) { ...
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Custom post type category pages pagination returns 404

The issue I'm having is with the pagination on category pages, e.g. /release-notes/category/upgrades/, where pages 2 and beyond return a 404. That's because your custom rewrite rule does not support ...
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