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You could try this instead if (!is_front_page() && is_home()) { get_template_part('template-parts/blog-categories'); } Explanation for the difference between front_page an home is here: if you set a page as a blog-page it is "home", in your case the landing-page is the so called "...


I solved it. Should be using elseif($tag->slug) instead of elseif($tag->name) or else it will never be true.


I am not getting anything, an empty page. Am I missing something? Yes, you are. $query->the_post() does not display anything — it just moves the pointer/key in the posts array ($query->posts) to the next one, and setups the global post data ($GLOBALS['post']). So yes, in response to your answer, the_content() would be what you would use to display the ...

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