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Found the answer. It is a bug in WordPress v5.2.3 affecting WordPress in Windows environments. Caused by backslashes in Windows paths that aren't stripped correctly Details here: I have tried the patch suggested and can confirm it solves the problem. replace: $location = '/' . ltrim( $path . '/', '/' ) . $...


A few I disable or change on staging and dev WP sites: Redis caching CDN WooCommerce order notification emails - changing from whoever fulfills them on prod to dev team.


Seems like a good list you have going... Just a few that come to mind: SCRIPT_DEBUG to false on live and true on staging. WP_CACHE to true on live and false on staging. ping_sites to empty on staging to disable ping services. default_pingback_flag to 0 on staging to not send outgoing pingbacks. Maybe install a Password Protect plugin on staging (in mu-...

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