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I'm not currently aware of other ways rather then: Creating an Instagram App Get an access token Build a small API handler Something like this to put in your functions.php: function my_instagram() { $transient_key = 'instagram_data'; $feed_data = get_transient( $transient_key ); if( false === $feed_data ) { $feed_data = json_decode(...


Not the best, but works well for me: (you can use this instead of what's in the question) $postcount = 0; //global $wp_query; // Uncomment if necessary. // Group the posts by category. $groups = []; foreach ( $wp_query->posts as $i => $p ) { $terms = wp_get_post_terms( $p->ID, 'show_category' ); foreach ( $terms as $t ) { if ( ! ...

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