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Relative or dynamic site url possible?

I usually just avoid the issue entirely every time I create a new wordpress site: define('WP_HOME', '/'); define('WP_SITEURL', '/'); will cause wordpress to use root-relative urls for everything. ...
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WP Asking for FTP Credentials with XAMPP Localhost

Congratulation Jon, welcome to the WordPress world! To fix the issue, just add the following line of code in your installed WordPress's wp-config.php file. It's a PHP constant declaration which tells ...
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Local version of a Wordpress site - SSL/HTTPS enforced?

WordPress keeps WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL in DB, this is set during initial installation and usually is the domain of your website, in your case it is a domain with https. Your visiting site via local ...
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403 Forbidden with gutenberg

In case anybody comes across this, I had the following in my apache config <Directory "/home/*/Sites"> AllowOverride All FileInfo AuthConfig Limit Indexes Options MultiViews Indexes ...
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wordpress on localhost lamp doesn't let me install plugins

After installing WordPress 5 on Debian 9 Stretch I updated (remotely on localhost) and was prompted for FTP details. Running these commands in terminal fixed the problem: chown -R www-data:www-data /...
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wp_mail() is not working in localhost

If anybody stumbles across this old question: In my case, the reason was, I gave the site at localhost a name without a top-level domain. e.g. "mysite" (instead of "mysite.com"). ...
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wordpress on localhost lamp doesn't let me install plugins

This is a permissions issue. Here are some steps to fix ownership and r/w permissions in a more secure way: // check what groups your username belongs to $ groups // if your username doesn't belong ...
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An unexpected error occurred. Something may be wrong with WordPress.org or this server’s configuration

For me, the issue was that my localhost software (MAMP, on macOS) was not able to make a secure connection. After enabling WP_DEBUG and checking the log file, I saw the following error (emphasis added ...
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Setting up a local copy from a production site

It is painful to clone the wordpress site sometimes when the site has a lot of plugins and custom code. I did it manually before. But I am using "Duplicator" plugin to handle this now. Please check: ...
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Wordpress redirecting to when accessing the site from a remote device

Maybe your case was different from mine, but I want to share with you how I fixed this issue, hoping will be useful for other people. In my case the issue was caused by All In One Wordpress Security ...
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Migrating Multisite with WP-Cli and/or Search-Replace-DB

Accepting a little egg on my face. Dumb-dumb error. The above migration was 100% successful despite the error messages from WP-Cli and Search Replace DB. The reason that my theme appeared broken and ...
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wordpress on localhost lamp doesn't let me install plugins

I usualy use : sudo chown -R _www:_www /path/to/wordpress/ if security not big issue
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wordpress on localhost lamp doesn't let me install plugins

Ubuntu Users Just add define('FS_METHOD','direct'); to wp-config.php and it will work on localhost. Just make sure you don't add it to production version. See: codex.wordpress.org/Editing_wp-config....
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unable to upload image locally

By far the easiest way on a Mac is to right click on "uploads" , select "Get Info", then change the permissions at the bottom of the "Uploads Info" window to include read and write for the appropriate ...
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Loading media on local WordPress using remote database

Somewhere in the core, URLs get absolutely pathed when put into the database. Why don't you just load all your images from your staging server? Have the staging server hold the files while your ...
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localhost on iPhone not loading images

Unfortunately, when changing the URL of your site with Wordpress, you also need to do a pretty big find/replace job in the database: this is because any links or images (and probably a number of other ...
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Wordpress not working on localhost

If you've updated the options in the dtabase and are still getting redirected. You can also define both the WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME in your test wp-config.php define( 'WP_SITEURL', 'http://example....
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Issues copying site into local machine

It looks like you have not imported the backup of database (sql file) to new database you have created in your localhost. Also after importing the database to local server you will need to replace the ...
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hosting a wordpress site locally to my team

You can create a local server with the installing linux and then you can add your project to that server so that all your team member which are connected with same network are can view the site. When ...
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Localhost WordPress not recognizing my online WordPress account

WordPress do not work like Facebook or Twitter. Each WordPress installation is a separate application, it has its own database where users are stored, each installation is independent of one another. ...
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Root Sage theme styles are not working!

In Sage 9, the asset pipeline comes through Webpack. You'll need to run yarn from the theme root and then start or production build the site with yarn as well.
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Wordpress redirecting to when accessing the site from a remote device

You can add the config below to wp-config define('WP_HOME','http://example.com'); define('WP_SITEURL','http://example.com'); Or update the value in database at wp_options table. The settings of url ...
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Redirecting connection from IP to localhost

Trying to change edit the wp-config.php file was a good idea, let's try some extra things to see if they solve the problem. Let's add these lines to the bottom of your functions.php: update_option( '...
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Other devices on same network unable to access Wordpress localhost setup

Have a look at the answers here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/20122583/website-in-wordpress-redirects-to-old-url-after-migration In particular, I'd check these two: https://stackoverflow.com/a/...
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Hosting a seperate wordpress project on localhost

There are a bunch of different ways you can approach this. Modify your existing LAMP installation — Using your existing LAMP stack in /var/www/html (I assume you are on a Mac?) you could use Virtual ...
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DIVI Theme customizer changes not applied on existing pages

Before you try following methods, I request you to clear you browser cache or disable any cache plugin and try again. There is a functionality in divi which enables it to cache inline CSS and serve it ...
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All includes are pointing at local host

You must have to update your website URLs after migrating your site from live server to local or local to live server. Go to your phpmyadmin and select your database, then in SQL section paste the ...
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Multisite on localhost using xampp

There is actually nothing unique about setting multisite on XAMPP, all you need to do is properly configure the webserver as a proper webserver, and skip the lazy practice of using localhost as your ...
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Image Sizes/Thumbnails not generating on local install Ampps

Sounds like you don't have an image library enabled with PHP (that probably should have generated some errors so maybe first look at your php error logs). Checkout if GD2 is enabled in your php.ini ...
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Wordpress not working on localhost

1) Make sure the wp-config.php doesn't have multisite reference settings such as define("DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE", "somesite.com" );. If it does, delete these settings 2) If you have updated siteurl and ...
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