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The only solution that worked for me happens to add an action filter to functions.php in the following format: add_action('pre_get_posts', function($q){ if (is_category()){ if(is_category('NEWS')): $q->set( 'posts_per_page', 2 ); endif; } });


This annoying thing is introduced by Askimet. in wp_content/plugins/askmimet/_inc/askimet.js line 89 (askimet 4.1.2) insert a "return;" just after 86: // Show a preview image of the hovered URL. Applies to author URLs and URLs inside the comments. 87: $( '#the-comment-list' ).on( 'mouseover', mshotEnabledLinkSelector, function () { 88: clearTimeout( ...


This has to do with geolocation, and is functionality built into Woocommerce. See under the title on that page Geolocation, with a hint of Ajax This seems to be a pretty good write-up of the functionality and how to disable it:


This is still happening in WP5.2.1. You can verify it by looking at your spam messages (via the Admin, Comments screen) and hovering over a link. When you do wo, a box will pop up with the content of that link. Using the Inspector, I found the HREF code on the link in the spam comment is similar to this (I obfuscated the domain but left the rest) (and not ...

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