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I got it! By using the functions.php page I wasn't able to use variables defined on the page I wanted to create custom titles for. I ended up adding the below code to my custom page php. <?php $newtitle = ucwords($mlsa->StreetNumber . ' ' . $mlsa->StreetName . ' ' . $mlsa->StreetSuffix.', '. $mlsa->City); ?> <script>document.title =...


If your template is using the_title you can override it by adding this filter to your function add_filter( 'the_title', 'change_my_property_title' );


Hey guys there are just a few changes in the above code. Check this out it works for me. Note: Please change the LIST_ID to your klaviyo's list id, and get one private key from your klaviyo account and add it at PRIVATE_API_KEY function send_coupon_to_freshly_registered_user($user_id) { $user = get_user_by('id',$user_id); //new line $...

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