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How to use multiple 404 Error Pages in Wordpress

Thank you guys for the help and the tips. @Dexter0015 Tip helped me in the end to get it done. This is how my 404.php looks like now im only checking if in the url the string is present and show the ...
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Other pages fine but wp-admin showing ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS Error

UPDATE : FIXED okay guys I have solved this issue here is my fix 1- first of all you will need access to FTP or C-panel 2- go to public_html > now for this to work plz reset your wp-config.php you ...
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External rewrite rules missing in htaccess - Multisite

Rewrite rules are not added to htaccess by default: they are recorded in the options table, under the option name rewrite_rules. That option is checked every time WP runs parse_request. If your ...
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