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How can I disable W3 Total Cache Image Lazy Load for Specific Post Type?

According to the W3 Total Cache plugin author's website, you can prevent individual images from lazy loading if you add the image URLs to the "Exclude words" section of the User Experience &...
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How to run this plugin every time a post is saved?

After the advice from every awesome person who helped, I finally got it to work. I just had to define $the_content instead of trying to use the hook get_the_content() alone. Now it's tagging ...
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Add a post when another post type is inserting

The issue with your code appears to be related to the hook wp_after_insert_post being nested within the publish_service action. This setup can lead to the wp_after_insert_post action being added ...
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useSelect() plus resolver result is serving cached data incorrectly

Thanks for MVE, @helgatheviking! It was beneficial. When caches the resolvers, it also considers arguments. Here's what happens when following the reproduction steps for the bug: Selecting ...
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