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After hours of debugging I noticed that the problem was only reproduced when I used the library. Even if I used register_post_type, if I used any other functionality from the library before the register_post_type function call, it would cause some erratic behaviour. I opted on removing PostTypes from my project and simply sticking to register_post_type and ...


In the admin panel of WordPress, you have the option to set your blog page as your home page under Settings > general > home page. If it is a blog you are after. Maybe this can be a solution for you.


You should check by checking deactivating the plugins. Which will tell you which will the for corruption of wordpress


have you tried the "quick edit" button on the WordPress page admin area? You can change the slug there but I am not certain that's what you are looking to do. Actually, sorry. I tried this myself, you can change the slug but it's not showing the change in my local environment when I navigate to my own home/front page. I was going to delete this but maybe ...

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