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Hiding Custom Post Type from Google?

If you are using an SEO plugin such as Yoast, it automatically adds all Custom Post Types (and Taxonomies) to the sitemap that is used by Google & other search engines. You will need to ...
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Hiding Custom Post Type from Google?

There is a way to hide a post type by default from Yoast. However your milage may vary depending on what you are doing with your post type. If you are using it on the front end directly then this won'...
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How can I find out exactly what Google is finding 'Deceptive' about my WordPress site?

If you were in the process of making any changes when the bot came by, it may have picked up something bogus from the site. You can request a review in search console, I think they should either green-...
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Wordpress 404 errors for old plugin files via Google Bot

I know - I hate the fact that Google indexes the site code, and then floods my logs with 404s for old files. You can add something like this to your robots.txt file: User-agent: * Disallow: /wp-...
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whole website redirected to another page

As mentioned in the comments, your site is probably hacked. I'd suspect the htaccess file first, and then maybe hacked index.php files. Cleaning up a site is difficult and time-consuming, but can be ...
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website not indexed

If you go to, that will show you the directives for search engine bots. You can also check the meta tags on individual pages to see if they're being blocked. Best option would ...
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how to secure wordpress website from google dorking

There is an extremely high chance that this article is stoking the paranoia. It's correct but only in the strictest of senses. In practicality it's just a fancy name for "when you leak things ...
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WPML and Yoast SEO setup on a wordpress site is not working properly

When have you done the translation? Google chaches the information of your site, means a chance of your site take time till google-crawler was there again and noticed the change and write a new chache....
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How to stop showing my under development site on Google Search

Also, don't develop on the stage server. You'll face a lot of problems in the future doing so. Develop on the local computer.
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Change meta data of pdf file

Google also pulls information from the PDF file itself. To truly fix the files, you'll need Acrobat Pro. You can then edit the embedded title, and you then delete the original and upload a new one. ...
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Why last blog post excerpt is shown instead of meta description?

This is actually the place for the But to answer your questions: Google trying to show the most relevant results based on what the search query is. This also includes ...
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Sitelinks Search box schema confusion

Without getting into the structured data itself, it is important to remember that the actual url on which wordpress will run the search has to be the home page. If you are using "pretty permalinks" ...
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Duplicate Australian E-Commerce site

You should set rel alternate hreflangs on both sites - <link rel="alternate" href="" hreflang="en-au" />on and <link rel="...
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How to password protect media library files (PDF)?

You could check for a log-in cookie in your .htaccess, but that can be spoofed: RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} ! wordpress_logged_in_.+= [NC] RewriteRule \.pdf$ - [F,L]
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Search Engine Visibility checkbox after indexed

Checking the box will mark all pages/posts on whole site as "noindex". Next time search engine visits the site/pages, it will detect that and should remove it from the index immediately. Problem is a ...
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What makes WP so SEO friendly?

Basically permalinks is easy to setup then there are seo optimization tools are paid and non paid available. Some of common use plugin are All in one SEO yoast seo XML Sitemap Generator for ...
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What makes WP so SEO friendly?

WordPress is SEO friendly as anyone can implement things that are important for SEO. For this you need to first understand SEO rules and its technique that is how you would be able to make use of ...
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