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The question is old, but there is a plugin for this purpose: https://wordpress.org/plugins/save-with-keyboard/


What about a different approach, which might be to give your clients front-end editing access only, possibly using a plugin such as Front End Editor (free, see link) or Editus (not free but more robust and has a developer/unlimited sites option). You can then add some code to your functions to redirect all non-admins to the front-end editor (or, assuming ...


You can do it in JavaScript, though the downside is you have to do it block by block. You'll need webpack set up with lodash installed: function removeHtmlEditing( settings, name ) { return lodash.assign( {}, settings, { supports: lodash.assign( {}, settings.supports, { html: false } ), } ); } wp.hooks.addFilter( '...

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