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How do I know if an archive correspond to a custom post type taxonomy?

You could consider using is_tax: Determines whether the query is for an existing custom taxonomy archive page. You can pass in the taxonomy slug to test if the current taxonomy archive page is for ...
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WP_Query not using relation key as expected and not producing any results

From the developer docs: relation (string) – The logical relationship between each inner meta_query array when there is more than one. Possible values are ‘AND’, ‘OR’. Do not use with a single inner ...
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Showing all posts of the current custom taxonomy on archive page

I have finally found a solution and for anyone interested, here is the working code : <?php // The Query if (is_tax() || is_category() || is_tag() ){ $qobj = $wp_query->get_queried_object()...
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Custom taxonomy not showing up when adding a new custom post type

For anyone using Custom Post Types UI's Taxonomies , the "Show in REST API" must be checked on CPT UI -> Add/Edit Taxonomies. It's ...
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