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Cron task not working properly

It looks like your issue might be related to the custom recurrence schedule 'every_minute' that isn't defined by default in WordPress. WordPress has standard schedules like 'hourly', 'twicedaily', and ...
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Cron task not working properly

There are a number of issues here: every_minute doesn't exist as a cron schedule, so while you've successfully scheduled the cron job, WordPress doesn't know when to run it. keep in mind that WP ...
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Having difficulties with WP cron

You can add debugging statements to your code to verify if the cron job is being scheduled and executed correctly. like you can use error_log() to log messages to the PHP error log: public function ...
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Delete thousands of cron jobs

Run this from cli, it uses wp-cli, it basically goes through all of them and deletes them one by one. wp cron event list --fields=hook | tail -n +2 | xargs -I {} wp cron event delete {}
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