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You can simply preprocess the content by adding a filter to the_content like that: function wpse_337486( $content ) { if ( is_single() ) { // Get the current post. global $post; // Get all post tags. Get only their names. $tags = wp_get_post_tags($post->ID, ['fields' => 'names']); // Append post tags to ...


You can place this code in your themes functions.php file: function awh_filter_post_json( $data, $post, $context ) { $data = json_encode($data); //convert array or object to JSON string $data = preg_replace('/\[\/?et_pb.*?\]/', '', $data); //remove shortcodes $data = json_decode($data); //convert JSON String to array or object return $data; ...


It ended up being a custom plug-in that I was following in a tutorial but abandoned a long time ago and left active. Thanks for the tips!

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