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How to use live images on local install?

The best way to do it is to use URL Rewrites. This way you'll not have to do any change before uploading CODE to your server back again. Custom rules for localhost: Try the following CODE in your ....
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How can I debug the TTFB in WP?

Meanwhile, I found some plugins and tools that can help with this: Query Monitor Laps Debug Bar with some add-ons(Slow Actions, Rewrite Rules, etc.) If you really wanna go deep, try using Webgrind. ...
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How to intercept already localized scripts

@toscho great implementation. Tested and true. Here is a slightly modified version, which also passes the $handle and $object_name so you can filter only when needed. class Filterable_Scripts extends ...
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How to change how long items are kept in the trash?

You can change that in wp-config ( define( 'EMPTY_TRASH_DAYS', 1 ); // Integer is the amount of days
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How to combine javascript files without plugins?

I prefer separete all my front-end assets from the back-end, so I use Gulp to manage (compile, mifify etc..) all my assets. But if you want to use Wordpress I found this article. I did not test the ...
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3 votes

Allow download_url for lan addresses

to allow this IP as safe, use this filter add_filter("http_request_host_is_external", function ($is, $host, $url) { if ("" === $host) { $is = TRUE; } return $is; }, ...
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Wordpress behind Proxy - Mixed Content

Please take a look at Administation Over SSL, particularly the "Using a Reverse Proxy" section.
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wp-config dynamic hostname in WP_HOME and WP_SITEURL

I've used a similar approach on many CMS projects throughout the years. It works really well for rapid development, but it does have issues. If you can trust that the web server (apache, nginx) are ...
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2 votes

Set WP_MAX_MEMORY_LIMIT higher than PHP.ini memory_limit

The true maximum is ultimately up to the host - they can impose whatever limits they wish. But even so, you can try with WP_MEMORY_LIMIT, which is the memory limit WordPress sets at runtime for any ...
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What should be disabled to run on an internal network with no access to the Internet?

After more fruitless searching, I stumbled across this article from WP Tavern which mentioned a plugin then called "WP Local Dev Environment," now called Airplane Mode. The plugin blocks a long list ...
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How to intercept already localized scripts

The accepted answer is great! But I ran into a problem that Advanced Custom Fields stopped working in the backend due to a javascript error. After digging for a few hours I came to the conclusion that ...
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1 vote

Can't upload files 1MB+

First and most important step. Check and make sure your hosting account has the available space. Login to your hosting control panel and check how much disk space you have used. Next verify your ...
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nginx.conf appeared in all WordPress installations on folder

Late to the party but if anyone finds this as a result of a search. this will have been auto-created when you installed Ithemes security. By default, it will create an Nginx.conf file in the site ...
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1 vote

How do I hide out of stock products from homepage but not from catalog?

Assuming you are using storefront default homepage template. You can filter products before displaying on hompepage function rfl_show_backorders( $is_visible, $id ) { $product = new wC_Product( $...
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Multisite on single wordpress

You absolutely can have a single WordPress Multisite installation serve up more than one domain. Set up Multisite. For this site, it won't matter if you use subdirectory or subdomain. (If you plan to ...
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What should index.php contain on Synology NAS to get external access to Wordpress to work?

please note: WP from Synology NAS uses MariaDB/MySQL to store & organize its content, thus you need to set up a user account(e.g. WP_User) in the database(by using e.g. phpMySQLAdmin) to give '...
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1 vote

Disable WordPress Redirect From terminal

Use Development Address Not Root IP. You are using a root IP. You need to direct to your site to the correct dev location. Something like this: Viewing your URL From ...
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Cannot access Wordpress website from external IP while internally it is working properly

When installing WP onto an IP address (or hostname), WP will only respond to requests on that IP address. Any request from another IP address even if it resolves to the same server, will result in a ...
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Automate configuration after new/hosted installation

This sounds like a perfect use case for WP CLI, all you need is SSH access, which many major hosts now provide. Many of the features you are asking for are already provided out of the box. For others ...
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Wordpress behind Proxy - Mixed Content

What about using a Force SSL plugin like this one?
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How to use live images on local install?

I tweaked @scott answer to fit my needs with this variation: # custom rules for loading server images or any other uploaded media files RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} ^/wp-content/uploads/[^\/]*/.*$ ...
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1 vote

Improve wordpress security by hiding non public resources

Using remove_action() can be remove unnecessary links for example: remove_action('wp_head', 'rsd_link'); //removes EditURI/RSD (Really Simple Discovery) link. remove_action('wp_head', '...
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1 vote

Why when I try to access to this old WordPress site it is opened the installation page?

The most common thing that happens in the case where you suddenly get a prompt to install WordPress when a site was running OK is that the database connection details were changed. This can be caused ...
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Generate WP-CLI @alias for each site on multisite

LOCAL For local aliases, it works best to define your path ahead of time in the config.yml. Then keep the variables pretty clean by only specifying the url to target the site. Sorting the output ...
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How to visit php file in my custom directory under site root directory

Only Apache is "responsible for caring" that your script is PHP. AFAIK, whether you need to use AddHandler or AddType depends on whether your PHP is installed as a module or as CGI. You can try ...
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1 vote

Move wordpress files to sub-folder

Your link does not work, but I think it relates to this: In wp-config.php add these lines before 'Happy Bloggin' text define('WP_HOME',''); define('WP_SITEURL','')...
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WordPress Multisite with multiple domains using Nginx

I don't have enough reputation for comments and hope I don't get down voted here. I also use Nginx. Although my set up is a little different to yours the principal should be the same. In your nginx....
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1 vote

How to backup and restore configurations

If you like the command line WordPress you can do it like this: wp db export wp db import wp export wp import http://wp-cli....
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Wordpress with Lan and Wan Access?

Make sure that local loopback (or simply loopback) is enabled in the network options of your router. Or if you are using your router for DNS, you can alternatively set up a DNS entry with your ...
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Generate Wordpress salt

If anyone is using containers, one good way is to generate salt in I converted the original wp_generate_password() function used by WordPress to generate salt values. Copy the following ...
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