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add_action('template_redirect', 'theme_add_last_modified_header'); function theme_add_last_modified_header($headers) { global $post; if(isset($post) && isset($post->post_modified)){ $post_mod_date=date("D, d M Y H:i:s",strtotime($post->post_modified)); header('Last-Modified: '.$post_mod_date.' GMT'); } } This ...


%3F is used for ? and can be a result of urlencode function. Some plugin may use the urlencode php function to encode instead of WordPress esc_url() Troubleshoot Method Open the complete website project in some editor which have find in files feature. Find if any %3F is present in code files. There may be a possibility of manual entry by any plugin ...


It turns out that the folder wp-content/mu-plugins, for whatever reason, didn't contain plugins, but instead a dump of broken copies of most pages on the site, as well as an outdated copy of the entire public_html directory, with another plugins folder nested inside of it, etc! How that happened is beyond me, but simply removing the entire folder corrected ...


It is resolved now, it was caused by an .htaccess file placed in the uploads folder

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