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I can't access login page

I think the error showing for your .htaccess code. Which guidance do you follow to create this, if you share, it will help. Or use this code # BEGIN WordPress RewriteEngine On RewriteBase / # Use ...
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I accidentally rejected my wordpress admin account!

Didn't get the context Rejected, I'm suggesting this solution with keeping in my mind that you do not know the email and password of the account you rejected, you can recover your account from CPanel, ...
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Permalinks Question: Adding a prefix ONLY in front of the posts

If you ended up here, because you have set a custom permalink prefix (for example: /articles/%postname%/) for your blog posts (which results in:, but it also ...
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Wordpress Home/Front Page Display at top of Admin Pages List

This worked for me - Pins the Front Page / Homepage to the top if the list using the -1 ordering mentioned above. /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | :: ...
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How can I catch WordPress custom settings page slug has already changed?

you can use the admin_init hook along with the add_query_arg() function to modify the redirection URL for handle the situation. Redirect users to the correct URL admin.php?page=management if they ...
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