The Admin Bar (respectively Toolbar since WordPress 3.3) is the dark band at the top of each site. It is only visible for signed in users in order to quick-administer the site via quick-links.

The Toolbar replaces the Admin Bar since WordPress Version 3.3. and is normally containing quick-links like this:

  • General information about WordPress (About WordPress,, Documentation, Support Forums, Feedback)
  • Home (Visit site)
  • Available updates (if available)
  • Comments awaiting moderation
  • Quick-links to create new posts, media, pages or users
  • Optional quick-links from plugins
  • Information about the signed in user

Users can disable the Frontend-Toolbar within their user profile settings.

Frequently asked questions (with answers):

The Toolbar is generated via the class WP_Admin_Bar within wp-includes/class-wp-admin-bar.php.