AFAIK, there's no official/standard framework, and there will be as many plugin development styles as there are shades of white in north pole.

I'd say [WordPress Coding Standards]( is a blueprint for a good style.

You'll find **lots** of good examples and excellent coders here in WPSE. A nice starting point: [questions/tagged/plugin-development](



Nowadays, I use [Plugin Class Demo]( from [@toscho]( as base for many plugins.

Right now, [@Pippin]( is doing a series [Introduction to WordPress Plugin Development 101]( that may be of interest.

<i>[ **update**, thanks to [@Wyck]( contribution, a list of helper-plugins/boilerplates/frameworks ]</i>

Plugin [***scbFramework***](, by [@scribu](  
>A set of useful classes for faster plugin development.  
>This is a plugin toolkit that helps developers write plugins faster. It consists of several classes which handle common tasks, such as generating settings pages, creating database tables and more.

[***WordPress-Gear > PHP Boilerplate > Plugin stuff***](

1. [Plugin boilerplate][1] by @tommcfarlin
1. [Object Oriented Plugin Template][2]
1. [Settings framework][3] by @gilbitron
1. scbFramework - Classes for plugin dev
1. [WordPress Settings API][4] - by @tareq_cse
1. [WP MVC][5] - MVC framework to create plugins