Ok, I know similar questions have been asked before but none of the answers I found seem to work.  Here's my code:

    $sql = $wpdb->prepare('SELECT ID FROM ' . $ignore_url_table_name . " where url LIKE '%%%s%%'", $urlRequested);
    if ($wpdb->num_rows > 0) {

Here's the problem:  I'm trying to detect when a specific string is found in the URL.  One example of the url in the talble to look for is: 


An example of the $urlRequested is:


The above SQL statement doesn't find a match.

I've also attempted to use 

    $sql = $wpdb->prepare('SELECT ID FROM ' . $ignore_url_table_name . " where url LIKE '%s'", '%' . $wpdb->esc_like($urlRequested) . '%');

This appears to turn the doing_wp_cron into doing//_wp//_cron which the query also doesn't find.

What am I doing wrong here?


*Edit:  So I echoed out the sql query and this looked strange.

    SELECT ID FROM URL_Ignores where url LIKE '{1b71fb783b53a0ae087bf6ac6b01addd9b80435193728fe4c7c7d70b30748268}/doing_wp_cron=1543682280.1607289314270019531250{1b71fb783b53a0ae087bf6ac6b01addd9b80435193728fe4c7c7d70b30748268}'

Is this some sort of salt that prepare adds and is it removed with $wpdb->get_row???  Never seen this before.