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XAMPP is an Apache web server distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl.

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article pages not displaying on local instance of wordpress site

I've been given a wordpress site to do some development work on (I didn't do any of the initial development on it). I've installed it locally and am running it with XAMPP on Windows 7. I generated the ...
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I have a desktop and a laptop: What's the best way to move between local installations?

I'm running several Wordpress installs on my desktop machine using XAMPP. I would like to move them to my laptop as well. Can I simply copy the htdocs, mysql and phpMyAdmin directories to the laptop,...
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How to remove "Connection Information" requirement on localhost install of WP on MACOSX

I've just installed XAMPP on Mac OSX and when trying to install a theme or plugin in WP admin, I'm getting this screen. I've never gotten this on my shared hosting account. how to get rid of it on ...
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Is there ANYTHING about this query that's incompatible with WordPress 2.9.2?

I've been puzzling over this one for two days. Still can't figure it out. I'm testing a theme release in multiple versions of WordPress using xampplite on localhost on a PC. I'm having a problem on ...
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How can I find the cause of theme crashing Apache in Xampplite?

I'm testing a version of my theme in WordPress 3.0 and it crashes Apache each time I try to preview it. Where can I look to trace the cause of the crash? WP_DEBUG is of no use in this case, since it ...
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WAMP vs XAMPP pros/cons - for running a local testing server [closed]

What are the major pros/cons that can help in deciding which of the two to choose: WAMP vs XAMPP for running a local testing server for WordPress? PS: I now see Stack Overflow had a discussion about ...
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