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Tools for site administration located in the `wp-admin` directory of a WordPress site.

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Adding "Interesting Tags" & "Ignored Tags" like in a WordPress Blog?

How to give "Interesting Tags" "Ignored Tags" selection option like in a WordPress blog? If a blog is about lots of topics and I want to give option to user to choose option like "...
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Adding a Taxonomy Filter to Admin List for a Custom Post Type?

I have created a Custom Post Type called 'listing' and added a Custom Taxonomy called 'businesses'. I would like to add a dropdown list of Businesses to the admin list for the Listings. Here is what ...
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I get "The PHP Date/Time library is not supported by your web host." on my CentOS host, what library to I need to install to add support?

I did some quick looking around, but my PHP skills are pretty nascent. I am sure there is just a package that needs installing. Edit to add additional information about the setup: Using: yum info ...
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What's the easiest way to stop WP from ever logging me out

After a certain amount of time WP logs out all users and forces them to log back in again. For development environments on my local machine this is obnoxious and absolutely unnecessary. Is there an ...
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How can I improve the line break handling in the WYSIWYG editor?

I always find myself in HTML mode in the editor to try and get simple things like breaks between paragraphs to show up right (using <p></p>). Is that normal? Is there a better editor out ...
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How to eliminate weird 404 errors in wp-admin?

I run a WordPress site with about 70 active plugins. Every so often, I'll get a random error page ("Not Found", though I haven't checked the headers to see if it's a 404) on a /wp-admin/ ...
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How can we make managing lots of pages in WordPress Admin better?

WordPress obviously comes from a blogging background but can be used to serve sites with a lot of Pages. However, where it falls short for me is not in regard to performance but in the Admin area's ...
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Can I rename the wp-admin folder?

Is it possible to rename the wp-admin folder? I know I could just rename it, but unless it's supported by the code lots of things would break. If I use a custom folder name, it will make it slightly ...
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