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Prevent Selected Terms Rising to the Top

When you're editing a post and select a child category or term, and update, the selected terms appear at the top ( leading to potentially confusing situations where 'foo' 'foo' and 'foo' are selected ...
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WordPress Admin Interface not styled properly

The laptop I was working on recently crashed. But, I managed to get everything on it backed up, including my recent WordPress project off of my local server (I use MAMP). I uploaded my SQL database ...
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UI for taxonomies & query vars

I'm building a review category on our site and I'm wondering what would be the best way to build an UI for sorting the reviews. This is how it will be setup: A archive of reviews at /reviews/ The ...
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lock meta box position on post edit screen for contributors

Our website has an open system for contributors (WP User Role) to add news and calendar content to the site. I'd like to set and lock the position of the content and meta boxes on the post edit ...
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Hierarchical taxonomy UI

I don't like the way the taxonomies are displayed within the Wordpress admin and was wondering if anyone knew the best way to hook in and change it. Currently if I select some terms within my post ...
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register_taxonomy - show in admin menu, but not on post type (edit) screen

I've been trying a lot of things so far and investigated core inside out, but couldn't find a way that allows me to add the submenu item, but doesn't add the meta box for a custom taxonomy. The Menu ...
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Plugin link does not appear in my toolbar

I haven't installed anything that would break the link, as far as I can tell it's just never been there. I have no idea what to do, please help.
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Custom database table question

So I have a question regarding creating a new database table for my plugin, the Easing Slider, which is getting a major overhaul. Up until now, I've relied on update_option, get_option, and those ...
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Displaying the custom taxonomies side by side on the admin dashboard

I got 5 top level cats and for each of these top level cats, I have directly corresponding 5 non-hierarchal custom taxonomies. By default, WordpPress UI display these CT's one after the other. Right ...
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Create a custom admin page for custom post type + taxonomies + metas

I'm writing a plugin that relies on custom post types, new taxonomy and few custom fields. All this data will be private (not queryable or searchable). I'd like to provide an admin page to the user, ...
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Setting admin edit panels & metaboxes positions and visibility for ALL users and admins

My WP 3.3 setup involves several post types and customized edit panels with Advanced Custom Fields plugin (which creates many metaboxes) and other plugins such as SEO metabox panel, Scribu's ...
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Default scripts added to each admin page

Whilst jQuery is available on all admin pages, only selected jQuery UI libraries are added for certain pages (i.e. it is different for each admin page). I am trying to find out where the jQuery UI ...
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Post UI Tabs plugin double fade effect

After clicking a tab (any tab), the fade in effect occurs twice. Curious how to only have this occur only once. I disabled every plugin to ensure that this was not a JS conflict elsewhere and it ...
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Is there a plugin for feedback like Kissmetrics available? [closed]

Kissmetrics has a little widget thing that pops up from the bottom-right corner of the page, asking for comments or offering a short feedback survey. Is there anything like this available for ...
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How can I include active content in a custom post type?

Related to my How do I create a custom post type for a training CMS in WordPress? question, if I have a custom page type created for the presentation of training content, how could I include active ...
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How can I show more than 15 themes at a time in the admin menu?

I have a lot of themes in my test wordpress site. I get a little frustrated that I can't show more than 15 at a time. Picture.png In pages and ...
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Wordpress 3.2 Admin UI Guide

Is there such a guide somewhere so that I could use standard UI elements (especially since the 3.2 rewrite) instead of marking up my own? Like the Categories metabox tabs for example.
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Split post edit screen into sub-edit screens for users, is this good or bad, and is it possible?

I am working on my user back end access in which users can control a few posts based on post type as well as submit posts in a few other areas (Guides and Encyclopedia entries). The single post types ...
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How to set back-end language per user?

I would like to use the english interface for the back-end but I would like to set it to native language for an editor. I know WPML has this feature, but I don't want to install the unsupported WPML ...
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Possible to hide Custom Post Type UI/Menu from specific User Roles?

What I'm looking to do is completely hide the UI for a custom post type from specific user roles...Ive previously found many resources on how to disable access to using those CPTs but nothing that ...
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Page not found for custom post type UI plugin and taxonomy

I am using Custom post type UI and when I try to go to the post created under the post type projects page is redirected to page not found page. I have page created with same name before but I have ...
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Use tag interface for hierarchical taxonomy?

Custom taxonomies are great. I registered a bunch of new taxonomies and wrote an importer to import our hierarchical taxonomy into WordPress a la XML. The problem is one taxonomy has about 1,100 terms ...
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Theme Options Panels, What are some good examples from Frameworks or Premium Themes? [closed]

I really like Does anyone know any other good implementations of an options panel from a Framework or from another premium Theme? I think its a ...
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Complex widget form UI - examples and best practices

I'm contemplating a widget with quite a number of options, which will make for a lengthy widget form. To improve the user experience with this form, I'd like to divide it into sections. I don't feel ...
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What do you think about custom designed plugin/theme options UIs?

You probably noticed the trend of making custom designed plugin/theme options UIs, especially in the commercial ones (on CodeCanyon for example - custom boxes, tabs, accordions etc). I personally ...
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Where should I put "run once" plugin pages?

Where should I put an administration page that should only be used once? I am creating a plugin that will index all used HTML tags in your posts, so you can cleanup posts if you change themes and ...
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how do I force a single column layout in screen layout

I am using multipress, but users with small screens cannot access the HTML tab as the Publish meta box has a div that slides above it, disabling the ability to click it. One idea is to force a single ...
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If your blog was an app on Facebook

If you were to turn your blog into a Facebook app, what features would it have? What would the UI look like? What are the significant dealbreakers you'd need to satisfy to extend your blog to a ...