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Possible to hide Custom Post Type UI/Menu from specific User Roles?

What I'm looking to do is completely hide the UI for a custom post type from specific user roles...Ive previously found many resources on how to disable access to using those CPTs but nothing that ...
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Use tag interface for hierarchical taxonomy?

Custom taxonomies are great. I registered a bunch of new taxonomies and wrote an importer to import our hierarchical taxonomy into WordPress a la XML. The problem is one taxonomy has about 1,100 terms ...
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Add site options UI in Multisite Sites > Infos page

I want to add meta fields for the sites in my network (such as a thumbnail and a category). I know how to do this using get/add/update_site_option, but I'm wondering where I could put the UI to manage ...
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How to set back-end language per user?

I would like to use the english interface for the back-end but I would like to set it to native language for an editor. I know WPML has this feature, but I don't want to install the unsupported WPML ...
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how do I force a single column layout in screen layout

I am using multipress, but users with small screens cannot access the HTML tab as the Publish meta box has a div that slides above it, disabling the ability to click it. One idea is to force a single ...
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How to write files in hosting in admin dashboard?

I see that some plugins like Wordfence can write on core folders like wp-includes or wp-admin (if write permission is enable). In case everything is permitted, is there a way to interact with the ...
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Back End Interface Plugin

The Back-end of Wordpress is nice, but I would like to customize the UI to some degree. My goal is to make the user experience REALLY simple for untrained users. I suspect plugins exist for this, but ...
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