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How to avoid my tooltip text (dis)appearing below my pricing table?

Hi folks i am adding tooltips to each feature of my price table, but as you can see, a big part is hidden below the next column of my pricing table. How can i put it in front? I have tried to add z-...
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How can I remove or change the tooltip of an icon

I've been using Education Base Pro theme and have been trying to change the tooltip of an social media icon because the options displayed do not have the one i needed (anchor), so what i did was ...
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How to remove Nav-Menu tooltips? (Wp-Globus plugin)

I would like to remove all tooltips from my nav-menu, as it cannot detect in which language the title is. I used Wp-Globus plugin for a multi-language site and this issue came after creating the sites ...
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Javascript Tooltip not fully working on my wordpress page

I'm trying to implement the following bit of code to create a hover tooltip that follows the mouse: I've implemented it on my wordpress page, exactly as in the ...
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Displaying Post Content on tooltip

I'd like to display the content of a custom post type, when hovering over a "question mark icon". In order to get the data, I used the following code (series is the custom post type): ...
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Is there a way to remove a tooltip of a plugin via custom CSS? [closed]

I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask this. I have gotten away with manipulating a lot of the values on the front-end of Wordpress pages using custom CSS on various themes, but I've hit a wall ...
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why my wordpress dont have toolbar like, plugin, themes and other?

why my wordpress dont have toolbar like, plugin, themes and other ? thet is screenprint of my wp.
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What are the requirements to make the admin toolbar show up on the front end

I have done some weird things with a few custom theme pages. Namely, i have bypassed the wp_query and obtained data from a different db. I populate the post object with custom data and then inject ...
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jQuery UI Tooltip position on dashicon

I'm using the build in WordPress built in jQuery UI Tooltip (jquery-ui-tooltip). My problem is controlling the tooltips position on the screen, currently it pops up just above the the help dashicon ...
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Wordpress Plugin Tool Tip Helpers

Sometimes when I install a new plugin, it gives me "tool tips" or "helper boxes" floating around the screen at strategic places helping the user to understand the plugin better or certain features. ...
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Jquery in Child Theme

I am new to Wordpress and I need help with integrating my own jquery into a child theme. I have this jquery tooltip which works but I want to include it into my wordpress child theme. Have a look ...
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How to use the built in tooltip for form validation error messages in WP admin plugin?

I'm building a wordpress plugin that includes serveral menus in the wordpress backend (admin). I'd like to use as many existing parts as possible and make my menus look like the standard wordpress ...
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Get custom fields when hover link of post

I have custom page and get some links of post if( $my_query->have_posts() ) { while ($my_query->have_posts()) : $my_query->the_post(); ?> <li><a href="<?php ...
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How can I change the tooltip in the_category?

My use of the_category works fine, but I want to change the tooltip, which says "View all posts in (category name)". How can I change this tooltip? I guess this might be something similar to this. ...
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Add tooltips with image in Wordpress Menu?

I want to add tooltips with image modal inside my menu dropdown. See this link: My site When on the dropdown menu, when we hover on the the product item, I want a tooltips with image to it. How ...
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How to add a CSS class to the tooltip on a navigation menu?

I'm looking for a way to add a CSS class to the anchor tag of the tooltip on a menu item. Currently, I see that you can easily add a CSS class to the menu's li but I'm trying to style the tooltip ...
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Adding a tooltip above Categories postbox in Post Editor

I'm looking to add an onmouseover tooltip link above the categories postbox/widget in the post editor screen of the Wordpress backend to help further clarify to the users on my site which is the most ...
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similar of my posts in all over the internet sites and blogs [closed]

i asked here in WordPress first and next asked there in webmasters Stack but i think here is very useful for WordPress users but close my question. I'm using the similar posts plugin http://wordpress....
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Change tooltip in tag cloud

How to change tag tooltip to tag Description? I tried and my code is mentioned below. function title_text( $description ) { return sprintf( _n('%s topic', '%s', $description), $description ); } ...
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WP 3.3 Tooltips API?

Does anyone have a tutorial on how to implement the new Tooltips API into a theme or plugin? I'm eager to tap into this to help first time users of my theme and plugins. From mashable'e excellent ...
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Show user info in a hovercard [closed]

I whant to display user info in a hovercard. I use a jquery plugin to for the hovercard. I call my file like this <?php include 'includes/tooltip.php'; ?> and this is my code from tooltip.php. &...
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Custom metabox field help tips popups

Is there anything built-in to core that displays a little (?) icon next to admin-side input fields (custom metabox input fields, for example) that provide tooltips or a contextual help popup when ...
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Can I make simple global tooltips in Wordpress?

We wish to have ALL external links within a Wordpress site have a simple mouseover tooltip without having to place a title tag or rel or class tag within it. I've tried several methods using the $('a[...
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Retreive post thumbnail and display it as tooltip on hover?

I used a plug in to retrieve all the post from a category. The post is displayed in an unordered list <ul><li> and everything if fine, even the <a> tags to the post. Now, for more ...
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