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Questions tagged [theme-twenty-sixteen]

The default theme for WordPress in 2016.

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1 answer

WordPress default theme css units

Is there a specific rule the default WordPress themes follow for CSS units? I see em's on some font sizes and rems on others and px on certain places. Referred the following links but I couldn't ...
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Include custom post type content in search

I created a custom post type (called 'produits') with the CPT UI plugin. I checked that both its parameters and Yoast SEO's allow custom post types to display in search results. I tried to use ...
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1 vote
1 answer

How to make the Primary Menu stay the same in the PC and mobile versions of the Twenty Sixteen theme

I'm new to WordPress, using which I was able to create this site over here: It's almost complete, save for one change I would like to make: to make the Primary Menu stay exactly the ...
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Jetpack infinite scroll not working on twentysixteen custom theme

I duplicated twentysixteen theme and only changed the name of the folder and the name of the theme in style.css. I then added in functions.php : function twenty_sixteen_infinite_scroll_init() { ...
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How can I add a custom checkbox / radio button on the admin theme options to display a CSS or other?

I need to display a custom checkbox / radio button on Twenty Sixteen's options which the administrator can select to display one of few custom CSS for example, to change the base colours of this theme....
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How to show Widget in Content Bottom part on home page in twenty sixteen theme

I am using twenty sixteen theme and home page is set to 'latest posts'. Sidebar is shown on home page but bottom widgets are not visible on home page. On a blog post page all of the widgets are ...
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2 answers

How to show Twenty-sixteen them menu under logo?

I try to change WordPress Twenty-sixteen them. I check the CSS carefully, can't finger out how could be the main menu display on the right of logo(and name of website). No float, no inline-block. I ...
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