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Can i have a single wordpress site to have two themes ( one for pc other for mobiles)

I have a wordpress site say at, now I have two themes one which I want to use this user is acessing the site from "PC" (computer) and a another theme, which is a full fledged mobile theme ...
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What are WooCommerce starter themes? [closed]

I've done created a lot of Wordpress themes and plugins, but I haven't done much with the Wordpress WooCommerce plugin from WooThemes. If someone asked me what general theme they should work with to ...
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Theme recommendation: Hotel/Hostel/Bed & Breakfast [closed]

I searched on different Marketplaces so far, but haven't found anything that wouldn't take me hours or even days to make a wordpress theme from. Here's the list of things I need: 1. Slider or some ...
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Is wordpress big enough for my project [closed]

I have a site some having job postings running using jobber base. Now I am going to shift it in WP using jobroller theme that is of 99 USD. I am a developer who always like MVC rather than these CMS. ...
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Opinions and recommendations on the best barebones base theme [closed]

Preamble I'm finding myself building more and more WP sites "from scratch" as it were (ie: ignoring any theme designs out there and just creating a design wireframe purely on the needs of the client. ...
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Free Wordpress theme for an intranet tutorial site [closed]

I work for a research oriented company and hence a lot of new facts and ways of going about work are found everyday. We want to consolidate all our understandings and categorize them as tutorials on ...
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Need a theme that let the posted content stretched maximum width [closed]

(Please note I'm NOT asking about but about I just posted a new entry but my current theme has a fixed width which makes my post become buggy and surely myself and the ...
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Wordpress Theme for Video Showcase [closed]

Does anyone know of a good theme for showcasing multiple Youtube videos? Thanks!
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Creating a job board using WordPress (for free)? [closed]

I found several plugins/themes for creating a job board with WordPress, but only one solution which is free (see here) Are there any other free solutions for doing that?
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WordPress frameworks and parent themes [closed]

By now there is a considerable amount of WordPress code around that is meant to be re-used by other developers. Unfortunately there is little to none practical and solid information on it and ...
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What theme is good for posting code? [closed]

I have my blog hosted at and I guess it's good enough. But problems arise when the lines of code get longer than 30 characters. The lines just wrap and get icky or something they even ...
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A good plugin/plugin set for a sports team site? [closed]

Looking for a good plugin or group of plugins to handle fixtures, leagues and results. It needs to handle: Fixtures Results League Tables Cup routes Any tips would be gratefully received.----
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Free/Open-Source Theme Frameworks as an Alternate to Thesis? [closed]

What good free and open source alternatives exist to the Thesis theme ??
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Looking for a lightweight theme using WP3 new tags and features (not 2010) [closed]

I design & build a lot of bespoke Wordpress themes for clients, and before I just took the best parts out of the default Kubrick and made my own 'vanilla' theme. The new default, TwentyTen is way ...
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