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Switching content between summer and winter

I have been trying to come up with a good way to switch between summer and winter content. I am building a rental site and when the customer books they are automatically redirected to a second page ...
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Is the date when a theme was activated stored?

Is there a date for when the currently active theme was activated stored anywhere? If so, what's the best way to retrieve it? Thanks
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Change the user role based on login or theme switch

I'm developing a CMS system based on a multisite installation. I need to be able to do the following: Whenever a user logs into his site, he will immediately be forced into "Contributor" role. I ...
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How to allow users to switch to the child theme from front end without plugin?

I have two themes. mytheme mytheme-child By default my site loads with mytheme And I have a link by the header: <a href=" [here I have to give a code line that switches the default theme to ...
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Show child theme for users on specific IP

I have some users coming in from a fixed IP range on a very slow connection (256kbps) so want to server them a child theme that has a lot of the bandwidth intensive features removed. For ease of ...
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change theme when on mobile and also on Ipad portrait view

I am familiar with responsive websites and totally prefer it over working with different mobile versions, however, I have a case where there is a site that is alreay built and it is not responsive and ...
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Deleting all Options on theme switch

I am looking to reset or delete all options on theme switch. Currently when I switch themes my options in my current custom theme that I am developing, will transfer to its associated child themes. ...
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