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how to set social icons to product / post template (Auros theme)? [closed]

After installation of the Auros theme, the social share icons are unfortunately not loaded in the product and the post template. It should be loaded like this via the template: Do you have any idea ...
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Unable to set social icons using Advance Portfolio Theme

I am working on a live project and installed a theme named advance portfolio. In customization, I am trying to set the social icon button but I am unable to see it anywhere on the page. Note: I want ...
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LinkedIn Social Wall | Is there a plug-in (Free / Paid) to display a LinkedIn feed in a social wall (not just a feed)?

I have been researching plug-ins that have the capabilities of displaying a LinkedIn feed in a beautiful social wall style, to no-avail. Previously, I had one that was working however they disabled ...
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how to add social login option in wordpress

I want to add social login ( facebook , twitter, google) in my WordPress website. Can you tell me how to do it in proper and easy way. Thanks
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Front-End Social photo upload [closed]

I’m looking for a plugin which helps me to add image uploader on front-end of my website for my woocommerce customers and then review uploaded photo by admin and if accepted they will be added on home ...
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How to pass a numeric id to a page template?

I am using a Wordpress installation with Wordpress Social Login as a "canvas" for an HTML5-based board game. In the file /wp-content/themes/twentythirteen-child/front-page.php I get the numeric ID of ...
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How to integrate Facebook Share button without code?

We are using this code for Facebook share button. We placed this code in our functions.php But we are getting pagenot found in fb share popup window. How to fix this issue. <span class="fb-share-...
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Sign in with social media accounts without creating a WP account [closed]

I'd like users to sing in with their social media accounts (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+) without creating a WP account. This is for them to be able to leave comments on a website. Is this ...
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Need an advice about comments

I am searching a solution for wordpress comments. I like standart comments, I already styled it and made some additionaly functionality. But there is one that I can't find and don't know how to make ...
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How to fake a Wordpress login?

As many of you know WPEngine don't support PHP SESSIONS unless the user is logged in. In that case WPEngine start taking consideration of PHP SESSIONS and the software based on hybridauth like ...
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How to prefill WordPress registration with social details

I created custom registration process in WordPress with a lot of extra fields like first name, last name etc. I would like to make integration with Facebook/LinkedIn so first name, last name, email, ...
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Wordpress Site login problem with facebook, twitter and other social media

I am running My Wordpress Powered Website on a free hosted platform and the provider blocked PHP curl extension. I want to let visitors login with facebook and other social platforms. I tried with ...
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Update a WordPress website FROM Twitter or Facebook

I'm looking for a way to update a wordpress website when I post something to a specific twitter or facebook account. Is it possible? Is there any plugin that do this? I find only plugins that do the ...
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Email verification feature in wordpress social login plugin

I'm using wordpress social login plugin.. It uses HybridAuth library. Here is a demo of HybridAuth library. The wordpress plugin looks nice. But it generates a random email for most of the social ...
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