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call funcution when clicking submit

I've built a WordPress plugin, this plugin has a form in front-end using a shortcode I need the submit button to do two things, first to send the entries to the database which I did it successfully. ...
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Twillio How To Send SMS for Custom Post Type

Twillio has a tutorial where one assembles a plugin that sends SMS notices when 'post' is published. The issue I face is many 'post' types are published a day and that would generate an annoying ...
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How can I integrate sms api in Contact7 form in wordpress

I have taken SMS service from I want to integrate SMS in my WordPress website as a confirmation form submission. I have got from the service provider ...
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WordPress SMS API integration without plugin error

I have created a code for WordPress to integrate my custom SMS API. The API URL works fine when I type it on the URL bar; but when it in the code, the API URL will not call. So this code not working ...
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Entering a WP site with a SMS code

Basically I am trying to figure out a way to do the following; My customer is trying to have a password protected website. The only catch is he wants visitors to get a specific random password as a ...
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SMS messaging twordpress plugin [closed]

What is the best way to implement sms message system to client as an Admin of a wordpress website, Is there any plugins available with tutorial, that uses services such as Twillio?
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2 answers

Wordpress SMS API integration without plugin

I am struggling with SMS sending in WordPress without plugin, I have a, API, but that API is not working. Example: function mysite_woocommerce_order_status_processing( $order_id ) { $mobile="...
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$_POST['message'] gives a 404 [duplicate]

I am using Wordpress 3.3.1 and building a small API to be able to send an SMS to insert data. <?php /** * Template Name: API: Response * */ print_r('hello'); ?> The following $_POST ...
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how can i integrate nexmo with my wordpress site?

I've been looking for something that will enable me send sms messages from my wordpress site to subscribers to my blog (it's not on I got the files from and uploaded it to ...
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WordPress Phone Verification

Is there a way to check verified members phone numbers by sending code to their mobile phones just like Facebook does? This would be very handy to stop spammers and allows only one user per phone ...
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Verify signup via SMS? [closed]

Does anybody know of a plugin available for WordPress that would require a new user to enter their mobile phone number as part of the sign up process? The user would then be sent a verification code ...
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2 answers

Mechanism to send to users of secured WordPress install new notifications by SMS or email?

I have a family website, private, requires a WordPress account, in WordPress. Some of my family members would like to get the option for notifications of new posts by email or text message. Email ...
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