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"Site health Status" will intermittantly show an issue on the Dashboard, but when I look at site health, it says everything is "running smoothly"

So I'm wondering, is there a way to log issues that intermittently occur in Site Health that I can look at later? This is a production server on a VPS running nginx, and from what I can tell, my VPS &...
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WP_HOME (and WP_URL) are undefined

My site's working, but there's a "cannot complete a loopback request" error in the (dashboard) Tools/Site_Health window I'm tracking down. My installation is in a subdirectory on my server: /...
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Access "wp site health info" data from plugin

I wanted to know if a third party plugin can access "WordPress site health info" data. If yes, than what is the correct procedure to do that? Thank you.
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Site Health : An active PHP session was detected

I'm new in WordPress development and I just created my first theme. In my wp-admin, the "Site Health" tells me that a PHP session has been detected (critical error), here is the message : A ...
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Wordpress "Site Health Status" trust it or myself for its security advice?

I'm using WordPress to host a few sites. Lately it includes this feature called Site Health Status. This information has in part been valuable, but it also itches me the wrong way somehow that I can't ...
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3 answers

Critical Site Health Issue after WordPress Migration

I recently migrated a WordPress install from a shared managed host (cPanel) to a VPS. I first installed WordPress on the new server, then installed Migrate Guru and then migrated the install over to ...
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How to remove the site health dashboard widget?

WordPress 5.4 introduced the Site Health Status dashboard widget (source). The dashboard widget shows the status of the site health check: How can I remove the Site Health Status dashboard widget?
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