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How can I create a custom plugin to call webapi after user registration?

I want to ask how can i call my webapi after any user is registered in users table then my api is call and data is same data is send on that api
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WordPress Multisites or Multiple WP Single sites?

So I am pondering over a decision to use WordPress Multi-Sites or just use Multiple WP Single sites. The reason is that the company site is broken down into multiple departments. Maindotcom (WP SITE) ...
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User Role is Not Specifying in Wordpress Multisite?

I Have Wordpress Multisite as Following multisite on multisite on multisite on multisite on X multisite on All Sites are ...
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One login for 3 WordPress installations with combined user table doesn't work

I have 3 WordPress installations with combined user/user_meta tables and I want to share logins with all WordPress installations. One installation is stored in the root directory and two others in ...
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multiple wordpress installation with shared usertable on an different database

I have multiple wordpress installation, and I would like them to share the same usertable. The wordpress installations are already up and running, and they all have their own database. Is it ...
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can we share user login in 2 wordpress installs in 2 subdomains on one server? [duplicate]

We have 2 WordPress sites in 2 different sub-domains like and . Both sites have wp-require plugin activated and only logged-in users can see the site. We want to make a ...
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How to share plugin created database tables between two WordPress sites

I have two WordPress installs. One is a subdomain (Blog 2) and the other is the root domain (Blog 1). All tables are installed in same database. I am already sharing the users table, but am also ...
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Shared user database trick not working

I am trying to implement the shared user db trick as outlined here. On step 3, I get the following screen. It ...
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How to integrate external user tables with WP?

I have about 10K+ users that I get from a company feed (LDAP). I can authenticate WP via SSO based on someone's username matching on the WP user table. I would like to take the user table I have and ...
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Whats the best way to share user data across multiple Wordpress websites?

First of all, Multisite isn't what I'm looking for. I have 5 websites using Wordpress all on separate domains that I would like to enable user accounts for. I need user data to be shared across the ...
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Shared Members between two different wordpress installations with different databases

I have two wordpress installations with same host with different folders. Each installation uses its own database. I mean, database are separated. I am not using one database for two wordpress ...
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2 wordpress blogs with 1 users table and 1 login

I have been trying to achieve that and I did without the 1 login part I fallowed this post/tutorial , but no matter what I do I can not get it to login ones for both websites. My set up is sitename....
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2 answers

Wordpress and Magento: let Wordpress manage user registration and logins?

I need to integrate Magento and Wordpress for a corporate website. There will be other functionalities in the website that will require a login (ie forum, helpdesk and maybe others...) which I would ...
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Using $wpdb object in a widget

I'm trying to make a very simple widget that access tables contained within the same database instance as my Wordpress database, but are not wordpress tables. I'm using the wpdb class according to the ...
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Shared User Tables on 2 WordPress Sites; "Main" Site and "Discuss" using P2?

Hoping to benefit from the experience of others. This question is really multiple potential questions so I'm hoping someone can steer me to the best solution to keep me from all the trial and error. ...
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