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Wordpress private post won't display to other admins

By default Wordpress private posts are visible to all admins right. But on this build for some reason private posts are only displaying (on the page) to the admin that created it. I'm perplexed. I ...
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Setting user permissions per post

I am trying to assign privileges on posts on a per post basis. Essentially, I have a custom post type which have authors. They can edit their own posts. I then have another role, which should be ...
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Hide Posts In Back-end/Admin Based On User's (Pseudo) Privileges Controlled by ACF

I'd like to disable access to posts in the back-end/Admin from a user that doesn't have the privilege to view those posts. This will function similar to the Author role however this "privilege" is ...
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How to allow editor to edit privacy page / settings only?

In my WordPress installation (4.9.8.) the editor role isn't allowed to edit the privacy page. It would work with following in my functions.php: $role_object = get_role( 'editor' ); $role_object->...
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Hide top admin panel for non admin and non editors

So i came to three posible solutions to this question and can't decide which is better. What is your opinion? First solution: if ( ( in_array('administrator', userdata('role')) || in_array('editor', ...
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New admin account cant access plugins.php

I am trying to add a plugin to a client's site. I can see everything in the dashboard except the plugin page and users pages. I can install a plugin and see my own profile but cant see other ...
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How to handle admin and passwords requests from plugins developers?

I have purchased few plugins and they work fine, but one existing plugin doesn't work. The plugin developer telling: refund or provide admin access. How to handle such requests? Create a special ...
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Add role privileges of the custom post type

I wonder if it is possible when adding a new role add_role() I can assign to it a privileges to add, edit, delete posts of a custom type. To be specific. I want to add a role 'volunteer coordinator' ...
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Forbid contributors viewing drafts

Is there any way I can forbid a contributor to view draft posts? Right now any contributor can view my draft posts and even edit them (however their edits must be approved by administrator first).
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Admin role not really admin

So i followed a tutorial to install wordpress offline in xampp. It's up and running but login doesn't seem to be a full admin. It says i don't have sufficient privileges when trying to install a ...
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A good hook to check authorization and redirect?

It seems strange to put a redirect in a template page, because so much of the page has already been built by the time you reach a custom page template. I'm wondering what is a good action hook to use ...
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Can user #1 (the initial user) be deleted without ill effect?

When you create a new Wordpress site, the first user created is user #1 and given the Administrator role. Is there anything special about user #1 that would make it unwise to delete it? (Assuming ...
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Why are authors allowed to approve comments on their posts? How to revoke privilege?

I was under the impression that only admins/editor roles can approve comments however our authors are able to do so as well on their own posts. I want to disable the ability for an author to approve ...
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How to make the Newsletter plugin visible to users with author privileges?

I'm using the Newsletter plugin and would like to make it accessible to author users. Is it possible to do so? If there's no solution for this I'll edit the editor role to make it a new author role.
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Installing WordPress into a user directory without any admin privileges

I posted a question over at that was migrated over to this stack. It's here now: Canonicalization issue regarding academic URL vs. blog URL Before the migration, ...
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What are the minimum database privileges to run WP? [duplicate]

In my current installation, the DB user has been granted full privileges. I am pretty sure that not all of them are required to run WP, but I am not sure which privileges are definitely needed. ...
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Lost admin "manage_link" capability WordPress. No "Links" menu item in admin menu

Going slightly mad. In the process of upgrading a client's website to WordPress 3.5.1 we've decided to use the built-in WordPress "Links" system to manage their affiliations. I am using the "Admin ...
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One time username change from frontend?

I'm using facebook connect plugin. Usernames generated by that plugin look like firstname_lastname. I mean it looks ugly. I would like to give the privilege to my users to change the username BUT ...
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"You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page" upon accessing my newly created plugin page

I am following "Write your own plugin tutorial" and I made it, activated it, added it to settings to have it's own plugin page but upon trying to access that plugin page I get above message saying ...
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How to set privilege to wordpress subscriber for private page

I am having private page.I want to show this page only when "subscriber" logged in."Editor" should not access this page.How can i set the privilege.
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Excluding private/protected posts via IP

I essentially want password protected/private pages/posts in WP to work as they currently do, but completely disregard the functionality for certain IP addresses. I've looked into filters/actions ...
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Trying to save custom post type from frontend partially working

I've created the following custom post type (lugares means places) with a custom taxonomy of tacos and it works fine form the backend: /** * Custom post-type lugares **/ add_action('init', '...
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grant a privilege for roles (for example editors) and higher

My wordpress theme has a custom post-type. Only editors (and higher) should be allowed to use this post type. I did this with: function add_capability($role,$cap) { $role_obj = get_role($role); /...
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How to enable a site administrator to edit users in a WordPress network/ multisite setup?

I have a few sites in a network. I don't want the site administrators to manage things like network plugins, but I would like them to be able to edit profiles of all network users, not use those on ...
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Can I stop authors from changing the font in their post?

I want the site to have a consistent look and feel so want to prevent authors from changing font, font color or font size. Is there a way to either override their choices, or remove the option? ...
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Best way to have an per-user customized private section

A common requirement for business sites is to have a client login which allow visitors to access private content for them (ie: downloads, screenshots, documents). I did it in the past and although it ...
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How Do I Allow Comment Moderation for Other User's Posts?

I want to setup a user account that only has access to moderate comments - for all posts - but doesn't have access to edit any posts. When I give the user the moderate comments privilege (using an ...
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What are the recommended database permissions for WordPress?

I just got WP running on my own server. I am not trying to lock things down more. What permissions should the db user have to my WP db?
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Restricting access to files within a specific folder [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How to Protect Uploads, if User is not Logged In? Is there any way at all to restrict direct access to files within a specific folder to only specific wordpress users that ...'s user avatar
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MySQL Database User: Which Privileges are needed?

The short installation instruction for WordPress ("5 Minutes") state that: Create a database for WordPress on your web server, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and ...
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What specific database privileges does WordPress need?

I want to create a new database user for my WordPress installation. Usually on localhost, i can just use root, but it is good practice to use a user with as little rights as possible. What are those ...
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