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How to distribute updates to a premium plugin?

I’d have thought there’d be several how-tos on this, but for the life of me I couldn’t find one. So, I’ve made a plugin that’s gained some traction, and I’d like to expand its functionality in a ...
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Warning: This page allows direct access to your site settings. You can break things here. Please be cautious!

I am currently developing a wordpress theme and it has 2 custom admin settings sub pages which is created with wordpress settings API. However, in first sub page i can apply settings and save without ...
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Does a single theme license work on multisite? [closed]

I am trying to create a multisite network and I want all of the sites in that network to look similar. So, I am planning to install a single premium theme in the whole network. My question is, will ...
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Offering a freemium plugin (a free version + paid version)

I am developing a super-awesome plugin for WordPress. I'd like to offer a free version and a paid version. As far as I am concered, and please correct me if I am wrong, it is not allowed to host "...
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WP Plugin with Upgrade option

I'm working on a Wordpress Plugin and I'm looking for a way to include a free version and a premium version in one plugin. I do not want to check "if(isPremium){} else{}" every view lines of codes, ...
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WordPress Premium Plugin (3rd Party Github User)

I just started to setup my WordPress worklow with Composer. After hours of research I found a Github User, that is hosting "some" Premium Plugins on his Account. My Question's are: It is allowed? ...
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What will happen if i deactivate my visual composer plug in? [closed]

I have visual composer that is integrated in the River theme installed on my wordpress, the problem is, it is not working anymore, i want to update the theme but fear that the guy before me might have ...
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Problem About GPL Licence And WordPress Products

I copied following answer from this question. Since WordPress is GPL code, all code publicly distributed must also be licensed either as GPL, or GPL compatible. The GPL states you cannot ...
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How to keep cache files after plugin update?

I've got a premium plugin and setting up a custom solution to serve updates. However I've got a question regarding how contents are managed. Wordpress just remove old plugin folder and install the ...
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Does a premium / for sale theme need to go through the Wordpress approval process?

I am about to finish 2 themes for sale. Do I need to put these through the approval process?
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Twenty Fifteen Premium Theme [closed]

I am wondering if GPL License allow us to make premium theme from Twenty Fifteen Wordpress. Can We customize such themes and sell? Please let me know. Thank you!
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1 answer

How to create a Full RSS feed (secret URL) for certain users, short for the rest [closed]

I'm running a Patreon campaign for my blog and one of the rewards will be a full RSS available for users that contribute to that campaign, with the rest having only a short RSS Feed. I'm ...
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1 answer

Wordpress premiuim [closed]

Is there any way to download aspact- a creative agency theme for free.i have seen that on themeforest and they are offering me a premium version for $60.however if anyone knows that from where i can ...
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1 vote
0 answers

Depending on third party plugins for theme functionality

I am building my own theme (first premium theme) and I admit there is lots and lots of decision making involved. One such decision where I am currently stuck is about using open source plugins for ...
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Managing users, blogging, chat

will Wordpress let me create users that I can manage so they can blog? Is there a limit on the number of users you can have? Is it easy to link it to an existing GoDaddy .COM domain? One last ...
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2 answers

Am I allowed to resell Wordpress Premium Plugins under GPL? [closed]

I have seen a few websites around that resell premium plugins and extensions such as the Woocommerce Extensions, is this allowed? Not too sure where to ask this question either.
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2 answers

Wordpress Premium Theme download

I want to use the theme in the But I don't want to use it with a blog. This is a premium theme and I would like purchase, download and ...
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Is there a premium plugin for appointment reservation? [closed]

This question will probably be closed. In the off chance that it isn't.... I am looking for a premium plug in that will allow the user to book appointments by reserving a block of time. There will be ...
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Ways to create a paid wordpress plugin?

I can't find a lot of information on google about creating a paid wordpress plugin. I'm already versed into plugin development, but what are my options to have a freemium model ? I would like to ...
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How do I allow anyone to edit a post -- but not access dashboard

I have a a business directory using premium press theme ---- I want all registered users -- to be able to edit and publish, upload images to any listing that has not been secured by payment. I do ...
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Will anyone buy a premium plugin that's available at GitHub? [closed]

I'm developing a WordPress plugin. I'd like to charge somewhat for it, because I'd like to be developing related things, for a living. I also want to make it easy for people to e.g. contribute patches ...
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Should I use the standard wp_mail() function for a premium theme?

I am creating a premium theme that includes a Contact page template. Currently, I am using the wp_mail() function to send the contact email to the administrator-specified email address. Basically, I ...
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34 votes
5 answers

How Do I Protect My Premium WordPress App Theme from Copying?

They say WordPress is GPL, and therefore all plugins and themes made with it are supposed to be GPL. Fine, but if I spent three months coding an extremely complex app theme with the intent on selling ...
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