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Questions tagged [plugin-wptouch]

Probably off topic. WP Touch Mobile is a plugin that automatically adds a mobile theme for mobile visitors to a WordPress website

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1 answer

Removing the "on/off" white rectangle from my homepage (WPtouch)

I use the WPtouch plugin (here:, and some of my visitors are getting a white rectangle on the homepage, with a "on/off" option for the theme. The problem is that it only appears to ...
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1 answer

Adding a template in WPTouch

I am creating a mobile version for a site. For that I am using WPTouch not WPTouch-Pro. Now I want to add a form in my page. For desktop version I used template to add form. But in mobile version it'...
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1 answer

W3 Total Cache benefits without using plugin? [closed]

W3 Total Cache isn't compatible with WPTouch. Is there a way to get the benefits of W3 Total Cache without using the plugin?
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2 answers

How to get WPtouch working?

I bought WPtouch Pro few days back and finished the designing and developing on localhost. Now I want to upload it on my online live hosting to get a mobile version of my website on a subdomain. I ...
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1 answer

Load featured article once in a loop

I'm working on a WP-Touch theme and I have a template file that looks like this: <?php get_header(); ?> <?php locate_template( 'featured-post.php', true, false ); ?> <?php ...
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1 answer

How can I style a certain element only when wptouch is active?

I just installed the wptouch plugin for auto-styling my blog in mobile devices. How can I style a certain element on my page to be hidden when this view is active? I.e., in particular, on my blog ...
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Why don't my custom menus show up in WPtouch Pro?

I'm using WPtouch Pro to create a mobile theme for my wordpress installation. I've activated it, but the custom menus I've created don't show up in menus drop down. Note that I'm using a different ...
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2 votes
1 answer

How do you create a custom WPTouch theme?

I have WPTouch Pro installed and it does a great job at device detection as well as handling most blog posts. However, I want to make a mobile version of a homepage that doesn't have any blog posts. ...
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1 answer

Web App mode leaves users stranded when following image links when using WPTouch with W3 Total Cache [closed]

In most of the posts on my site, embedded images link to the actual image file. I'm also using Web-App mode via WPTouch. In web-app mode images linked to their larger versions shouldn't open; since ...
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