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Making the HTML list to a checkbox tree with the plugin jstree [closed]

I would like to make a tree with checkboxes with the jstree plugin. I know I am really close to the solution. I linked everything right, but on my page it only showes the HTML list without tree and ...
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Retrieve uploaded image attibutes value from option tree theme options

I'm using option tree for my theme options page. But I can't retrieve uploaded images attribute like alternative text, description,caption etc. How can I do that.
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How can I create a rearrangeable list of items like OptionTree offers with the Theme Customization API?

I have a theme that currently uses OptionTree, I'd like to move to the WP Theme Customizer API. In OptionTree I can have a list of items that can be edited and drag and drop rearranged. Is there a ...
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WP_Query Posts by Metadata from Option Tree

I am doing a WP_Query trying to filter out the posts by Metadata. $args = array( 'ignore_sticky_posts'=> 1, 'post_type' => 'post_projects', 'post_status' => 'publish', ...
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How to extend parent theme sections and settings to Options Tree

I am developing a child theme based on a theme that use Option Tree for it's options. Is it possible to add a new section with my child theme settings to the already defined sections by parent theme ?...
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Remove 'Theme Options' Option Tree Wordpress

I use the Options Tree. Just to use a Meta Box only. And I do not use his Theme Options. In the picture below, how to throw Theme Options menu? Is it possible?
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How To Add New Option Types To Option Tree?

I am using option tree in theme mode and child theme mode and I am trying to add new option types. The new option types will be based off of the post-select option type, but will only list posts from ...
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of Option Tree over the Customization API?

I'm relatively new to WordPress theme development, and I had to create a theme with options available. I did a Google search to see what are the possibilities, and I read articles about such, and read ...
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