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Writing LaTeX formulas with MathJax on Wordpress site: the simplest way (possibly without affecting header.php)?

I'm trying to add some math formula using LaTeX on the math part of my site, I've already installed MathJax, and I can see it from my settings. However, when ...
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Making Mathjax dynamic so it renders input without page refresh

I use the Simple Mathjax plugin on my Wordpress site to allow users to add nicely formatted mathematics by writing it within dollar signs, $...$ or $$...$$. This works on pages and in posts but not ...
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Options for math equations rendering in WP in own server

I would like to write an article for a WP-site and include math equations. The site is hosted on own/rented servers (i.e. site is not a free or paid WP-blog). The owners of the site are not technical ...
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How to use mhchem in wordpress?

I need to write chemical formulae in WordPress posts. For this I want to use mhchem package. I am open to use a plugin for that but there seems to be none in repository. As mentioned ...
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MathJax inside shortcode

In my custom theme I included some shortcodes. One of them is called [alert]...[/alert] and results in a bootstrap alert box. It accepts a type (warning, danger, info or success), a title and the main ...
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Is there any better way to write math in latex other than $latex **$

Question is as in the title. Is there any better way to write math in latex other than writing $latex (some code here)$? This is annoying. Is there any better way to do this? I see that theorem ...
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custom configuration for a mathjax-latex installation [closed]

I'm experimenting with a bitnami wordpress service on an amazon hosted VM, and have installed the mathjax-latex plugin. This works when I configure it to use the 'Use MathJax CDN Service', but I'd ...
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Matrix problem with MathJax plugin [closed]

My code LaTex matrix is as follows: [latex]\begin{matrix} জাহাঙ্গীর খান\\ কালা জাহাঙ্গীর\\ ৩২\\ বাদল খান\\ নোয়াপুর \end{matrix}[/latex] But the output says: Formula does not parse. Even following ...
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Conflict between mathax and wp-Typography

Basically and the two plugins mentioned above installed and functioning. But in math posts, my math code is getting hyphenated, so I get mathjax errors like: Undefined control sequence \righ (the ...
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Using MathJax in text

I have installed a Mathjax plugin on my local wordpress installation, and the plugin works fine. However, I can't get it to show Latex in-text; it creates an own line for every latex formula. I end up ...
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Compatibility of MathJax extension and JetPack [closed]

I just installed the MathJax Extension for Wordpress because I did not really like the way the math were rendered with the [latex] tags provided with the JetPack. If I use the classic $$, the blog ...
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Export blog posts with MathJax to LaTeX document?

I use MathJax to blog my mathematical thoughts. Is it possible to convert my WordPress posts (with plenty of math) into a LaTeX document? The plugin should prompt me to select posts for the paper, and ...
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Recommendations for a LaTeX Plugin? [closed]

I need mathematics on a WordPress site and I'm having trouble finding a suitable LaTeX plug-in. I've tried several solutions including MathJax (which is slow and renders inconsistently) and the WP ...
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