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WordPress Plugins allow easy modification, customization, and enhancement to a WordPress blog. Instead of changing the core programming of WordPress, you can add functionality with WordPress Plugins.

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Custom height/width for thickbox in WP Backend

I use thickbox in the WP backend for preview or other content. On own pages in the backend works my script very fine and a can use custom width and height for the thickbox. below my code: ...
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Why do I need to check if wp_nonce_field() exists before using it

i dont really understand why the check if the nonce function exists before running it ... if ( function_exists('wp_nonce_field') ) wp_nonce_field('gmp_nonce_check'); i understand its for ...
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Hook to See if Comment got a Reply?

Okay I know the title is pretty vague but I didn't know how to articulate it. Basically, I want a plugin that sends email notifications to users who opted-in only if they specifically got replied to. ...
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How do I add CSS options to my plugin without using inline styles?

I recently released a plugin, WP Coda Slider, that uses shortcodes to add a jQuery slider to any post or page. I am adding an options page in the next version and I would like to include some CSS ...
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Platform/Website that Supports Crowd-Funded WordPress Projects? [closed]

There are a couple of plugins that I'd like to have developed however I am poor so I'd love it if there was a platform that allowed me to easily group with others that have the same need and pool our ...
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7 answers

Creating a table in the admin-style?

What is the recommended way of creating a page with a table, in the style of the tables showing posts or users in the admin area? I am expanding the Cache Images plugin, and it contains a table with ...
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How do I log plugin (cron) actions?

Is there a recommended way to log (failed) cron actions from your plugin? For example, I have a plugin that synchronizes with an external service every hour. I want to log how much was changed, but ...
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Is there a plugin that will allow a tag cloud to be created from any mysql field?

I have run into a frustrating situation in the development of my site/store. I am using the Shopp plugin and there is a disconnect between the tags in WP and the tags in the store plugin. In my case ...
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61 votes
4 answers

Difference Between Filter and Action Hooks?

I have been looking at the plugin API a bit more in depth recently and I was wondering what real differences there were between action and filter hooks. They both are events that receive data as a ...
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36 answers

Objective Best Practices for Plugin Development? [closed]

Starting a community wiki to collect up objective best practices for plugin development. This question was inspired by @EAMann's comments on wp-hackers. The idea is to collaborate on what objective ...
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Getting a List of Categories for Use in a Plugin?

I need to access a list of all categories for a plugin I'm working on, I know that there is the wp_list_categories template tag for use in themes. What would be the best way of accessing these ...
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10 answers

What process do you use for WordPress development? [closed]

I'm interested in how other people develop themes and plugins for WordPress. To me, the in-browser editor in the admin panel just doesn't cut it. Currently, I'm just using an IDE with a PHP plugin (...
21 votes
5 answers

Delete WordPress plugin Repository

I wanted to create a WP plugin. So I requested and my request was approved by But I don't want to develop that plugin anymore. How can I delete the repository forever or request its ...
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3 answers

Is there a way for a plug-in to get it's own version number?

Is there an API I can call, inside my plug-in, to determine the plug-in's version? I just want to have my plug-in emit a html comment with it's own version number ... for diagnostic purposes.
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27 answers

Software for WordPress Theme and Plugin Development? [closed]

What software do you use for your WordPress related needs? Please state your OS. On windows XP I use: filezilla (FTP) notepad++ (for reading of PHP / CSS files) firebug (a firefox extension to ...
9 votes
4 answers

dealing with large HTML output via plugin code

I recently wrote my first WP plugin that adds a shortcode for embedding a custom jquery image gallery into posts. It's primarily just dumps a good chunk of HTML into the post, along with javascript ...
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2 answers

Test to see if jQuery or Prototype is queued by another plugin?

In my plugin, I want to test to see if jQuery or Prototype (or both) are going to be loaded by another plugin. So, have wp_enqueue_script('jquery') or wp_enqueue_script('prototype') has already been ...
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How do you debug plugins?

I am pretty new to plugin authoring and was having a hard time debuging. I used lots of echo and it is sloppy and ugly. I am sure there is a better way to do this, maybe an IDE with a debugger that ...

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