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For questions about the server-side programming language that the WordPress core, plugins and themes are written in. Questions about using PHP outside a WordPress context are off-topic but might be asked on Stack Overflow.

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How can I get the page or post language when I use wpml? [closed]

I'm using WordPress MultiLanguage Plugin and I want to know what is the language of a specific element, page or post. I do have the id but I want to obtain the language.
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What might cause "junk after document element" error?

I have PHP errors redirected to log file. Only for WP installation so this definitely doesn't come from somewhere else. This is what started to come up recently (this is all of them, not cut): [22-...
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Best way of getting a a series of custom fields into an array?

I've a series of custom fields attached to certain pages. These fields are named slide1, slide2, side3, slide4, slide5, slide6. These are images which are going to be used as a slideshow (I'm using ...
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Adding first / last CSS classes to menus

is that possible, without javascript hacks? like this: <ul class="my_menu"> <li class="first"> ... </li> <li> ... </li> <li> ... </li> <li class"...
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Widget Javascript code (ajax)

I have a widget like this: class test_widget extends WP_Widget{ function test_widget(){ $widget_ops = array('description' => 'test widget'); $this->WP_Widget(false, 'Test', $...
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WordPress php error after editing file with FileZilla

I use the free FTP software FileZilla. In most cases, whenever I open any PHP file from FTP using FileZilla, I get this error after editing then saving the file: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ...
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Is This A Correct Example Usage Of current_filter()?

Is this a good example of usage of current_filter()? <?php add_filter("_my_filter", "common_function"); add_filter("_another_filter", "common_function"); function common_function(){ $...
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How to Control user registrations directly on sub-sites

Does anybody have Idea to enable a wordpress based multisite user to automatically get access to all sub-sites under same Multi site ? If I have A Multi-site installation(Also Buddypress enabled) at ...
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I get "The PHP Date/Time library is not supported by your web host." on my CentOS host, what library to I need to install to add support?

I did some quick looking around, but my PHP skills are pretty nascent. I am sure there is just a package that needs installing. Edit to add additional information about the setup: Using: yum info ...
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WordPress Theme variables scope

I need to create a variable that can be accessed throughout my WordPress Theme template files (index.php, header.php etc..). I know function definitions go inside the functions.php template file (in ...
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