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Comment Pagination Behavior wp_list_comments() - comment ordering and pagination

I am using wp_list_comments with a callback function to display a list of all comments, and it's working well. I am then using paginate_comments_links to create pagination links, which is also ...
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Change template of WordPress comment-page

I want to show the_content() only in The first page of each post, and I don't want to show the_content() in comment-page when "Break comments into pages..." enabled. Is there a Way?
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Paginated Comments “reply” does not work!

I use plugin Paginated Comments. I edit template and CSS in paginated-comments.php but "reply" does not work. "reply" does not appear at all. (There should be a button ...
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Comments page id wp_list_comments

Under post i want to display last five comments. At next comment page or after click button "show more comments" I want to display all comments or set quantity comments to display. How can i do it? ...
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pagination custom post type on CP page

I know that there are a lot of topics on this question and I've read a lot of them and tried different things. But pagination is still not working. I think it has something to do with the permalink ...
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