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Pages are one of WordPress' built-in Post Types. You'll probably want most of your website Pages to look about the same. Sometimes, though, you may need a specific Page, or a group of Pages, to display or behave differently. This is easily accomplished with Page Templates.

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Suggestions: Customizable header image and style colors that are different for each page

I'm working on a project where each page should have a custom header image and custom style colors (borders, etc). So that I don't have to be the one creating a brand new style everytime a page is ...
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How can I create an alternative home page?

I'm working on a site which has a fully customized front page. Now I'm asked to add a more classic looking blog type page which will be reacheable at http://domain/blog. I tried creating a custom (...
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Page with posts from category doesn't work

I'm working on my wordpress site, and I want to have a page that shows all posts from the category 'portfolio' on a separate site. I'm using the following technique:
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Is there a WordPress plugin that registers a plugin file as a custom page template?

I need to create a plugin that makes custom page templates available in wp-admin. I'm wondering if someone has tackled this already, as it seems like a pretty typical process?
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Advice needed for importing custom field data and database structure

Looking for advice for the best method to accomplish the following. I have a custom page template with several custom fields/taxonomy. The data needed for these custom fields actually resides in ....
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Create custom page templates with plugins?

Is it possible to make custom page templates available from a plugin?
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What is a good way to present templated content in WordPress?

I'd like to be able to add a template for a page that will present pages with similar data in the same style. For example, I want to be able to create a "Person Profile" template so that all personal ...
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WordPress custom post type Single.php?

I have a WordPress custom post-type setup. I've created single-[customposttype].php However instead of displaying only the requested custom-post-type it goes to the URL, then displays all of the ...
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Can you call a template file without assigning template to a page in the admin panel?

This idea is just to protect certain sections of my theme from over-zealous clients. I would like to add pages, that exist in the front end and can be added to the menu (using wordpress 3.0 api) but ...
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How do I read the value of a custom field of the page?

When creating custom page templates, how do I get the value of a custom field of the displayed page?
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Creating a Custom Post Type for Inserting Preset Content into Post & Pages?

In response to Mike Schinkel's comment (see below) on my post about how to pre-populate content (essentially using a content template)... @Scott B I mean why did you support a file on disk rather ...
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