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How can you find and replace text in wordpress files on localhost xampp folders?

I am trying to do some find and replace in files tasks to my Local Wordpress installation with Xampp. But some text can't be found, for example content text. I have a multisite and I want total ...
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Do We Need to Validate, Sanitize, or Filter Simple Numerical Superglobals (Cookies and Post)?

I'm writing a plug-in that stores UNIX datetimes in browser cookies and that also uses a $_POST variable based on a simple form that sends the ID number of the current WordPress post. After reading ...
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Loading a remote WP website to Netbeans

I have a Worpdress blog on a hosting company (it's remote and existing). I would like to load it to Netbeans. How do I do that? Thanks,
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How to debug a plugin with Xdebug?

I was able to install and setup quite easily NetBeans 6.9.1 and Xdebug on my local environment, based on PHP 5.3.0 (XAMPP). My problem now is the following: if I put a breakpoint on Wordpress's index....
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