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Place Footer at bottom of page with short text

I have tried various solutions and end up using page specific css to place the footer at the bottom of a page with little text: .site-footer { position: fixed; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; } I am ...
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Maps search box autocomplete with callback JS function?

I am struggling with using a callback for my Google Maps API. I am trying to have a Goolge Maps autocomplete search box and collect the Lat and Long for the searched location. I've found this answer ...
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search form for custom fields

I want to create a custom search for pin code search with custom fields value. When exact match with pin code will show the post data Can you please help me? Any help in this matter would be ...
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How to sort store location by specific category order in WP store locations

i want show if store has specific category then should be show in first and then order by distance add_filter( 'wpsl_sql', 'custom_sql' ); function custom_sql() { global $wpdb, $wpsl_settings,$...
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Wordpress Query for CPT that only shows posts within radius of current user's geolocation

I have a CPT called medical_providers. Each medical provider has two ACF meta_fields (latitude and longitude). I want to write a wp_query to only show medical providers that are within a certain range ...
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Where does WordPress store plugin (enabled/disabled) status for multisite?

A recent update to one of the plugins I use broke my multisite blog and in the process of debugging it, all of the plugins got disabled. Now I have to try to figure out which plugins used to be ...
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Generate a radius search of custom post type locations

Alright so I've been searching for days and driving myself crazy looking for a solution. I want to create a search function that will allow the user to search for the companies locations that are ...
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Wordpress pagination not working with search page

In my search page, My query returns 11 pages with this search: ?q=2&s=chem But when I try to access another page other than the first, like ?q=2&s=chem&paged=2 for example, WordPress ...
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Allow user to select location and then set cookie for location in WordPress

I am needing to allow a user to select a location from a dropdown on the front-end, that then sets a session cookie for that chosen location... any help here? Ok so this is the outlined task: ...
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Custom Post for Locating by Google Maps API

How do I set up a custom post so that it can be proximity geolocated with Google Maps API?
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multi-vender wooCommerce ability to separate products based on zip code [closed]

I have a multi-vendor WooCommerce equipment rental website where venders from multiple locations are able to offer their equipment for rent in their area. Currently I have all the products in the ...
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Add filter post_where and passing post_type argument

Following this tutorial, I want to search for posts within the radius where the post_type=profile add_filter('posts_where', 'location_posts_where', 10); $query = new WP_Query( array( 'post_type' =>...
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Post queries by latitude and longitude

I am struggling with getting post queries by coordinates. I have meta fields map_lat and map_lng for almost all post types. I am trying to return posts from one custom post type ("beaches" in this ...
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Location-Based Content

I am building a site that has pages that have a contact pod that has 11 different dropdowns in wp-admin via Advanced Custom Fields. Based on the user's IP, I want to display one of those 10 contacts (...
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Generating a radius search on postmeta-metavalue and adding a taxonomy to query

This is an old SQL statement found on here from way back in 2011, but its the closet to doing what I need I could find and work on. Although it does exactly what I need, displays properties within a ...
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Searching post types

Is it possible to take a user input from a search form, use that to search a custom post type via the WP_Query class and then redirect the user to a page template to display the results? For example, ...
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Help with WordPress search

i am creating a directory using WP, and need to allow customers to be able to search by industry and sector, like here I will be setting these up through two taxonomies: 1:...
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I have geocoded posts with latitude longitude - How to search by radius?

I have posts which are geocoded with latitude and longitude from Google. I basically can enter an address in a post custom field and the latitude and longitude are placed into two separate meta fields....
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Adding session variable and/or cookie based on user-selected input

I am working on a classifieds website that has a custom taxonomy called 'countries'. In the main header menu I have these categories showing in a dropdown list of particular countries people can ...
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Location-Based Pages displaying results near customer

I'm creating a website where the customer will enter their postal code and the pages (with a distance selected of 5, 10, 20 miles) will display on either a Google map or Bing map. The page results ...
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Dynamic User State & City selection

I need to implement a state-city selection for my users to choose from. Where they first choose their state and then there is a city drop down field that shows only the cities in that state. ...
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Create multiple Search functions for posts / custom post types and everything

I'm currently working on a search function in a wp site. The plan is to have a search function on the news page which just searches posts. I'm achieving this by adding the below to my functions.php ...
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How can I implement a location based (zip code) search in WordPress?

I am working on a local business directory site that will use custom post types for the business entries. One of the fields will be "Zip Code." How can I set up a location based search? I'd like ...
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Optimizing a Proximity-based Store Location Search on a Shared Web Host?

I've got a project where I need to build a store locator for a client. I'm using a custom post type "restaurant-location" and I have written the code to geocode the addresses stored in postmeta ...
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