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Fix permissions for users role

I have 4 users roles on my WordPress platform (role1, role2, role3, role4) Role 1 : administaror (full acces) Role 2 : proposal_editor (can create and publish posts, pages, templates, users...) Role ...
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how do I add a button in each category to display all posts?

I have Create a page that lists posts by category but only shows 5 posts from each category. how do I add a button in each category to display all posts? Here's my code for a page that lists posts by ...
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Show Custom Taxonomy Categories, Listing of Posts, and Single Post via AJAX

I need to be able to do the following: List all terms in a custom taxonomy (categories for custom post type) When a user clicks on a category, a listing of all posts in that category appears When a ...
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Wordpress custom post type listing not showing the correct number of items & pagination

I'm using Custom Post Type UI plugin by WebDevStudios to create custom post type. However, in the admin view custom post type listing, its not showing the correct number of items & also not ...
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Display listing item details like the site

I designed a listing website using Jet Engine and Elementor plugins. In the display part of the listing, I want the display mode to be like the website By clicking on an item, the designed ...
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How to show the posts listing on dashboard or custom page in admin panel?

I want to show posts listing(almost like the default post listing page) on the dashboard page. And if that is not possible then maybe on a new page in the admin area. This is the post meta that needs ...
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How Can I Create A Form In WordPress For Subscribers To Alert Them about new Listing posted?

From this site – Check out the “Be the first to know”. We r using a 27collective Listing theme to test the website. My Client made the form in Contact Form 7. Now he ...
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Changing cache update rate

Im using mylisting theme in wordpress. in listing ordering, one option is Random (cached and updated every few hours). How can I adjust the update rate from few hours to few minutes ? or even remove ...
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Filter for product subcategory listing page load

I need to run a code when the subcategory listing page loads in a woocommerce wordpress site. The subcategory listing page has route as' /product-category/{catgeory}/{sub-category}. I need a ...
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