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Listing of all uploaded files in network sites

Can I list all files uploaded by users in Network sites? In Multisite each user can manage their files with their own blog but the Super admin can't monitor all the uploaded can i do that?
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How to display posts by current user/author in a custom page template?

I am a trying to create a dashboard like custom page template that list post of of the current logged in user. I've tried to find a solution on the net. but none were appropriate's user avatar
1 vote
1 answer

How to use WP default post list tables in a plugin?

I'm developping a plugin to manage a base of users and I'd like to show them in the same type of table used in other parts of the WP admin (post lists, user lists, etc.), I'd like to have the same ...
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Show Custom Taxonomy Categories, Listing of Posts, and Single Post via AJAX

I need to be able to do the following: List all terms in a custom taxonomy (categories for custom post type) When a user clicks on a category, a listing of all posts in that category appears When a ...
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Listing all sub-pages?

I'm wondering how to write a list of sub-pages of actually visited page. So I have 2 pages and 3 sub-pages for each: Colors [page] - Red [child of Colors - subpage] - Blue [child of Colors - subpage]...
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